‘We’re so eager to blame in today’s society, to shy away from shouldering responsibility. Everything’s easier if it’s somebody else’s fault after all.


So often though it’s us choosing to sew shut our own third eyes of insight, build our walls, anesthetize ourselves. We content ourselves with a comfortably numb existence; craving distractions, validations, protection. It’s a haunting and at times beautiful human condition. But how far is too far? It’s a delicate balance teetering on the fence between wrapping ourselves in layers of soft blankets, desensitizing ourselves entirely to the goings on, people, and obstacles around us, and over exposing ourselves, becoming too vulnerable to the agonising ache of despair, heartbreak, and futility. 


I feel like I’m in a type of purgatory at times, between living a life filled with truths and pain and a life filled with happiness and fallacy. Sometimes I just want to grab a needle and sew my third eye firmly shut and other times I’m glad I couldn’t get hold of strong enough thread.


How many protective layers can we add to our being before we turn into walking corpses, empty cocoons, shells of people, scrounging for brains, living dead…’          


- Kat Hudson