Organic Soil Association

Mintel reports showed that organic food is not as high on the consumer priority list as free range and Fairtrade. I found that past messages have been over-complicated thus devaluing organic in the eyes of the consumer. I therefore decided to develop a campaign with a clear line and a fun tone to communicate the organic message across all media.


The posters give a quick snapshot of where your food comes from, highlighting what makes it organic in a fun and engaging way.


The accompanying TV spot/online video goes into more detail but keeps the quirky, fun tone, adding jokes, making it shareable.

The tone, look, and feel is carried right the way through to the shelves in store. Keeping the message clear and consistant. The packaging is also designed to be more appealing to children who might then nag their parents to by the chicken with a pink mohawk.

When you shop online, easter-egg style
pop-ups appear with quirky anecdotes about the benifits of organic.

If you buy something organic or choose organic in your filter options the fuit, veg, and animals will thank you in their own special ways.