Loosely based on my Emotion Globe concept, 'Emoti' is an immersive installation piece that scans for emotive language on Twitter (live) using a multilingual database tailored to phrases and slang terms used on the network. It then shows these emotions in a hypnotic display of colour and sound projected through a rippling sculpture to represent the very same waves of emotion and conversation.


The core code without the sculptural element is available to tinker with on GitHub.



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The theme of the Hackathon was 'trickery' - originally we wanted to use Emoti to combat the 'trickery' and bias of the media we consume and the way current events are reported on. We hoped that Emoti would show an abstract yet unbiased overview of how the world is feeling at any given time. However, whilst realising the project it tricked us right back - Twitter is, of course, not a wholly unbiased platform. It is banned in some countries and simply not used in others. The language we use on Twitter especially is hugely varied and aspects such as sarcasm and other tov's are very difficult to detect especially without a team of linguists to translate colloquialisms in other languages across the globe. Will we ever be able to get a truly comprehensive view of how the world is feeling?..


Emoti was concepted and completed in two days as part of Art Hackathon 2015 in which we came second in the catagory of 'People's Choice'.


Emoti Team: Yasmin Curren, Ian Black, Bawar Jalal, Liz Corben, Milton De Paula, Caroline, & Kat Hudson

Green = Happy

Blue = Sad

Yellow = Surprised

Pink = Afraid

Red = Angry




Having such a short period of time and limited resources to work with during the hackathon, we had to adapt quickly to any problems we faced.


I logged our progress on Instagram: