Emotion Globe


It's often difficult to get a truly human overview of what is going on all over the world.

All media represents some sort of bias view and the big picture is often lost. We focus so heavily on the trauma of specific areas that we often loos the bigger picture. The Emotion Globe, using twitter as it's source, physically shows how millions of people across the world are feeling.


The installation consists of a giant globe fitted all over with tiny LED lights uses Arduino technology to show how the world is feeling by detecting emotive language on Twitter.


The Arduino scans for emotive language in tweets, organises the tweet by emotion and location and then lights the corresponding LED on the globe. This creates a visual representation of how the world is feeling. When something happens there will be a flare of emotion from a certain place. The viewer can then find out what's going on in that area using one of the news database screens that accompany the globe. The articles shown on these screens are sourced from the country of origin and from the country that the viewer is in.


I am currently teaching myself to code C++ in order to create this piece and am looking for funding to help make it a reality.

The same algorithm can also be used for a web-page  or electronic billboard. You could even download it as a screensaver. A web page may be my first step.