Hack The Barbican

The Barbican challenged us to ‘Hack The Barbican’ with an installation piece and we jumped at the opportunity to build something that might end up in the famous centre.

We built a clock which told the time as well as the year and took us on a sonic journey
through history.


Gavin and I were given the task of inventing the future:


The Team: 

Victoria Trow, 

Ricky Burgess, 

Kevin Mar-Molinero, 

Lorenzo Wood, 

Simon Attwater, 

Manuela Silva, 

Nick Collings, 

Anna Morley, 

Ian Huntington, 

Joanne Oatts, 

Shaun Baker, 

Yuri Yoshimura, 

Craig Jones, 

Gavin McReady, 

Kat Hudson.