Little Miss Retro UK


Live brief from designer Juliet Hamilton


Juliet was launching her new business into a saturated market. Other Retro brands present their clothing in the same cutesy traditional maner that they always have.


The target audience for these dresses are headstrong women that don't take crap and like to stand out.


Models pull some ridiculose poses in ads and the Little Miss Retro ladies agreed that we should combat traditional fashion advertising and incorperate stuff that girls and women get upto behind the stereotypes - supporting anti-photoshop culture.


Frocks To Be Reckoned With was the answer - a disruptive campaign, challenging the ideals of fashion advertising,  that turns heads and gets tongues wagging.  



The posters ridicule mainstream fashion advertising in a direct way whilst also showing girls being girls, messing around, having a good time, not worrying about their 'good side'.

The website design follows suit, emulating a superficial poster torn away to reveal the bolshy vibrant Little Miss Retro ladies underneeth.

The website is an online shop but is also a blog filled with articles, competitions, and stories. Little Miss Retro goes on a search for 'Frocks to be Reconed With' all around the contry, interviewing masses of different women from tattooed bikers to fitness finatics. Their stories are collected and told on the blog, creating a large online community.


Stories, articles, and competitions are also shared on the Little Miss Retro facebook page.

Credits: Little Miss Retro Logo designed by Beverly Cort. Little Miss Retro photos by Katherine Hudson, hair and make-up by Retro Beauty, accessories courtesy of Kitch Me Kwik High Wycombe.