DMA - Right To Write


Project from my final year at University re-artdirected with photos by Brock Davis*


Winner of the DMA GRT Award for Best Use Of Copy 2013


The brief was to find writers and direct them to join the right to write movement online. 


Real writers love to read good writing - so I decided to use long copy in the form of poetry to reach out to their love of the written word.


*I do not own any rights to the photos used in this piece of work. The photos were only ever used in student work and were not used in the original piece of work submitted to the DMA. They were never used for commercial purposes and I do not take any credit for their genius. See more photos by Brock Davis at

Direct mail booklet to be posted to people who have shown an interest in the creative industry, especially writing.


The booklet has no content because the writer ‘ran away with Jean from accounts’ - another plea from a lonely Art Director for people who love the craft of writing.