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‘On the evidence of what is on show, the Rebel Dykes were never grateful, never waiting for recognition, and Kernick and Hudson have not engaged in a please-all strategy of curatorial hedging. It is an exhibition that speaks to the demographic it represents, ‘the centre of otherness’ (to quote African artist and writer Everlyn Nicodemus) that they inhabit, the history they share and the present it currently informs. And what a history it is.’

- Morgan Quaintance, Art Monthly

The Rebel Dykes Art & Archive Show 

Space Station Sixty-Five, London
24th June - 24th September 2021


Curated by Atalanta Kernick and Kat Hudson

The London Rebel Dykes merged outsider cultures in the 1980s to create a fresh feminist exploration of art, sex and activism. From coming together at Greenham and squatting in Brixton to throwing parties, starting bands and building family, the Rebel Dykes represent a converging of communities of outsider lesbians: punks, bikers, clubbers, musicians, squatters, protestors, kinksters and gender outlaws.


The Rebel Dykes Art and Archive Show shines a spotlight on this underexposed LGBTQIA+ community based primarily in 1980s London, with connections to San Francisco, Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp and major cities in Britain and Europe, particularly Amsterdam and Berlin.


This exhibition celebrates the incredible achievements of this group of lesbians, many of whom have become globally renowned in their fields and for the first time incorporates work by the younger generation of rebel dykes and queer visionaries who join them in continuing to disrupt the world today.

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Featured Artists

Anne Marie Le Ble, Anne Robinson, Annette Kennerley, Ashton Attz, Atalanta Kernick, Autojektor, Bella Podpadec, Bernice Mulenga, Cherry Auhoni, Darren Evans, Del La Grace Volcano, Dixie Thomas, Eleanor Louise West, Emily Howard, Emily Witham, Emma Hindley, Hannah Mclennan Jones, Harri Shanahan, Holly Falconer, Jean Cleverley, India Jaggon, Jane Campbell, Jessica Tanzer, Jill Posener, Joy Yamusangie, Kai Fiain, Kat Hudson, Kasra Jalilipour, Kate Charlesworth, Kate Jessop, Kitchou, Lola Flash, Lucy Martin, Max Disgrace, Nina Wakeford, Phyllis Christopher, Rachael House, Rene Matić, Roxana Halls, Roz Kaveney, Sadie Lee, Sarah Jane Moon, Sarah-Joy Ford, Siân A. Williams, Siobhan Fahey, Tallulah Haddon, Tessa Boffin

Thank You

The Rebel Dykes Art & Archive Show was produced by Rebel Dykes History Project CiC in collaboration with Lesley Magazine and in partnership with Space Station Sixty-Five. It is funded by Arts Council England, The National Lottery Heritage Fund, The David Family Foundation and The Independent Film Trust.

Special thanks to our install team Roman and Kai Fiain and to all involved; artists, collaborators, funders, everyone behind the scenes and to all the rebel dykes out there, friends, lovers, family and supporters, this is for you.

Photos by Dominic Harris

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